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secures mobile communication and data-at-rest.
Engineered for organizations operating in the critical sectors.

T2 COMMUNICATOR covers all critical vectors of attack:

  • hardware
  • OS
  • applications
  • connectivity

Specialized MDM provides granular control.
The optional feature of self-hosting adds on for unmatched security.

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T2 COMMUNICATOR runs on Secure OS – a custom operating system. It utilizes multiple defence layers to isolate, encrypt, and secure mobile data against any mobile threat.

  • Removed exploitable entry points
  • Verified boot
  • Triple password protection
  • Multiple levels of encryption
  • Multiple Wipe options
  • Secure Keystore – encryption keys are generated and stored on a  FIPS  140-2  certified cryptographic module. No private keys are ever shared or stored outside the device.
  • Trusted Updates

T2 COMMUNICATOR provides a secure application suite to assist you in day-to-day communication and data flow.

  • Encrypted Chat, Voice and Video Calls
    Encrypted messenger with OTR 1:1 chats, OMEMO group conversations, and ZRTP encrypted calls. No sensitive data reaches the premises of our servers.
  • PGP Chat
    PGP chat client with user-managed encryption keys. No copies of messages or keys are stored on third-party servers.
  • Encrypted Vault
    Encrypted file storage gives you the ability to store rich file formats, messages, and whole conversations. Save information as encrypted notes or create highly secure backups of your settings, contacts, and data.

T2 COMMUNICATOR is a custom-built encrypted mobile device. It addresses not only software but hardware threats as well, guaranteeing perfect integrity.

T2 COMMUNICATOR is managed through a specialized Mobile Device Management platform. It can be used to push policies on the device, enabling and disabling hardware, apps, and features and remote wipe.

T.A.G. Consultation Inc. offers several global connectivity options. Multi-IMSI SIM cards and enhanced countersurveillance. Additional information is available upon request.

Self-hosted solutions for unmatched security. Additional information is available upon request.

Vendor Information


T.A.G. Consultation Inc. is a Canadian-based company. We offer custom-built encrypted devices and infrastructure engineered for organizations operating in critical sectors.
We are a private company, subsidiary of Secure Group Lab Ltd. Known for its leading RnD center and complete transparency.
By our Group policy, our full source code is available for an independent audit.

We support organizations performing critical functions to secure their communications through turn-key security-hardened solutions that are easy to use.

As a reliable partner we:
1. Utilize top-notch R&D to improve continuously
2. Has an established line of complete mobile security solutions
3. Provide our full source code for an independent audit
4. Rely on a transparent supply chain framework
5. Are strict in vetting our partner network of cyber security experts
6. Apply rigid policies to ensure complete confidentiality
7. Provide 24/7 high-quality dedicated support
8. Build a Leadership with average experience within the industry of 10+ years

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