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baiMobile Smartcard Reader Framework for Android and iOS

baiMobile Smartcard Reader framework is an SDK for mobile device for smartcard based security for secure authentication, secure email communication, digital signing, data encryption and cryptographic operations within a mobile application

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‘baiMobile smartcard reader framework’ adds smartcard based security into mobile applications. baiMobile Smartcard Reader Framework is a Software Development Kit (SDK) to strengthen Android and iOS applications with advanced security features by integrating smartcard based operations. This enables mobile apps for secure access of organization resources like network, applications, websites etc. With this framework, it becomes very easy for our customers to integrate PKCS#11 (certificate, public and private key) based operations like encryption, decryption of data, document and code signing etc. Our product is FIPS-2 compliant and supports industry standards like PC/SC, PKCS#11 & OpenSSL.

baiMobile smartcard framework SDK must be used if someone is looking for

– Smartcard based cryptographic operations

– Stronger two-factor authentication

– Smartcard based user logon

– Smartcard based access control

– Smartcard based data encryption & signing

– Smartcard based document, code & email signing

– VPN authentication over mobile

– Secure access of website over mobile

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