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Scrutiny predicts the true nature of files by emulating the static and dynamic behavior in a crypto caged environment and simultaneously training self-learning sensors at the same time to provide accurate verdicts along with detailed analysis in seconds. Our unique approach detects both known and unknown ransomware strains without any reliance on data engrams, centralized signature databases, etc. Also, this stands out as multi-tier, more innovative, and advanced than the other ransomware detection methods available.

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Cyberstanc is a technology-driven company, We offer a product suite specialized in multi-stage ransomware detection utilizing a self-learning engine (no signature dependency), and on the offensive side, we simulate techniques used by different ransomware groups to check corporate readiness against new ransomware strains.

We graduated from Mach37 ( cybersecurity cohort program and malware engine integration with Polyswarm & OPSWAT. Our technology is accredited by AMTSO(Anti-malware testing standard organization), Microsoft virus initiative program and 25+ threat alliance collaboration with OEMs partners. We have recently participated in MRG Effitas 360 ransomware test.

Scrutiny is advanced AI-Driven Real-Time Ransomware Detection sensor that helps defend against the full scope of known and unknown zero-day malware which populates ransomware.


While especially new Ransomware doesn’t get recognized correctly by many endpoint security applications in time, Scrutiny sensor has a Multi-Stage Detection and background guard that uses sophisticated algorithms to detect the Ransomware behavior patterns and Emergency routine is started to stop the running encryption and to give you valuable information on how to deal with the malware.

Our scan enables you to identify file names, file hash, IOCs, metadata, file format structural properties, file size, detection, PE data, etc. and help to monitor running processes, such as registry key modification, file read/write / encryption action, and stops ransomware activity in its tracks in a few seconds.

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A technology driven company offers product suite specialized in multi tier ransomware detection utilizing self learning engine with no signature dependency. Cyberstanc has expertise in simulating and to assess enterprise readiness on current ransomware methodologies and posture for unknown ransomware strains.

How are we different than others?

Our endpoint detection and protection platform powered by a unique “Crypto Caging” methodology assist to defend against known and unknown malware. We are specialized in multi-tier ransomware detection utilizing self-learning-based heuristic analysis with Automated IOC Extraction.

Cyberstanc cyber-threat intelligence service integrates with a combination of Cyberstanc R&D LAB, Collaboration partners, alliance threat providers, and 60+ open sources over research to examine the million plus malware samples.

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