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Axiom Protect 2.0 (AP2) Platform protects your business with automated onboarding, solid identity verification, adaptive and absolute authentication covering secure biometric authentication and data protection while simplifying the multiple applications integration and finally offering an easy login experience for not just employees but also end-users.

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Authentication and Authorization

To Establish “Are You the Right Person?” Multifactor Authentication, Frictionless, and Active Ensures. What You Know, What You Have? What Is the Role And Authority You Have? What Systems Resources You Can Access and Manage. Single Sign-On and Role-Based Access Come Here.

Absolute Authentication
Gives 100% assurance for a strong MFA factor. It can be Push-based Verification, Offline One Time Password, QR code-based Challenge-Response Signature Code coupled with AP2 Security “Mobility Trust Plus” factor coming from a device with its location and telemetry. World’s only security token that is for web and mobile to help any and all applications with MFA. It works beautifully with KYC onboarding a

Adaptive Authentication
By combining user behavior, telemetry, biometrics, risk policies, and contextual intelligence, Ap2 MFA proves a user’s identity protection by offering a frictionless yet secure experience. Adaptive authentication brings “what you do?” and “what you are?” for web and mobile applications with unified AI-powered decision-making that adapts over time where ‘000s of users are present.


EKYC Onboarding,

Data & Application Security,

User AuthN+AuthZ+SSO,

Code Audit+DarkWeb Monitoring


100% pure software platform

Scalable and enterprise-ready

Microservices Based

Totally Offline (No 3rd Party Calls)

Simplified implementation

Easy to Implement & Integrate

Enable and Empower

Fast Rollout via SDK and APIs

24x7x365 Support

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MFA options

Absolute embed SDK, Adaptive embed SDK, Absolute+Adaptive embed SDK

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