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Safetica ONE Protection + UEBA

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Based on the content inspection, internal risk analysis, and clear policies set up for all data channels, Safetica ONE Protection can recognize when somebody makes a mistake or takes chances with your sensitive data.

Depending on which mode Safetica ONE is operating in, it can either block the risky activity, notify the admin, or remind the employee about the organization’s security guidelines.

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Safetica ONE Protection identifies risks, educates your employees, and prevents human errors and malicious acts to protect your data. Combination of data analytics, data classification, and data loss prevention (DLP) insider threat protection creates a secure environment and supports efficient business operations.

Set clear policies for all users and data channels

Set up security policies for specific groups or individuals. Select the desired workflow with configurable actions from silent auditing, through user notifications to strict blocking.

Detect potential threats and analyze internal risks

Respond to threats even before a major incident happens thanks to the early discovery of behaviour anomalies and data flow risks in your organization. Safetica ONE uses advanced content classification and OCR for sensitive data detection in image files and scanned PDF documents.

Empower employees to work with sensitive data

Display educational notifications to employees when there’s a risk of a policy violation to let them know or decide. Enforce specific processes to protect the most valuable data.

Get all devices under control, online and offline

Restrict the use of portable peripherals or unauthorized media. Control corporate mobile devices and keep track of data that leaves Microsoft 365. Safetica remains fully active regardless of network connection. All collected records are synchronized when the connection is restored.

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10, 100, 500

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Safetica protects companies all over the world against data leaks and internal threats.

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Helping Companies Grow with Confidence

We envision a world in which all companies, large and small, can focus on their business without worrying about data loss and insider threats.

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Excellent Data Protection Made Easy

We believe data protection should make running your business easier, not harder.  Thanks to our expertise, our solution is simple and effective.


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