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Plurilock AI Cloud DLP

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Plurilock AI Cloud DLP secures your users, software, and data seamlessly.

  • Single sign-on.
  • Access control.
  • Cloud least privilege.
  • Data loss prevention.
  • Workday control.
  • Identity sanity.

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Plurilock AI Cloud DLP secures your users, software, and data seamlessly.

  1. Single Sign-On: Enable your users to sign on once, securely, to access every cloud app they use, whether you’re an O365 or Google shop.
  2. Access Control: Grant or deny by device, location, application version, time of day, and other group policy access management tools.
  3. Cloud Least Privilege: Decide which users are allowed to perform which cloud application tasks under which circumstances.
  4. Data Loss Prevention: Stop unsafe email data, cloud downloads, and personal web account access while company apps are open.
  5. Workday Control: Make sure that users only work during the workday—and that when the workday is over, they are signed off.
  6. Identity Sanity: Achieve a seamless, flexible, single-login identity universe across Google, Azure, and Active Directory.
How it works?

Plurilock AI Cloud DLP provides the security fundamentals that auditors require for standards like CMMC and ISO, without the pain, complexity, and excess weight found in other products.

  • Standards-based single sign-on provider
  • Least privilege access management with multiple inputs
  • CASB for major SaaS apps and platforms
  • Email and cloud application data loss prevention
  • Block personal email, social media, and developer accounts

Vendor Information


Plurilock™ is the global leader in advanced, frictionless authentication.

We enable organizations to reach compliance, achieve leadership in their verticals, and drive productivity and morale—all while computing with peace of mind.

Increased Security

Plurilock’s solutions use patented behavioral-biometrics and layered identity signals for high security.

Unmatched Usability

Plurilock solutions are either invisible to users, run silently in the background during work, or both.

Enhanced Privacy

Plurilock relies on numerical analysis and machine learning, not biographical or identifying data.

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