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SOCRadar Cyber Intelligence

SOCRadar provides actionable and contextualized intelligence aiming for security teams to operate efficiently. Our platform’s end-to-end automation supports SOC teams in dealing with manual and repetitive tasks that simultaneously minimize zero positives so that security analysts should focus on higher-impact projects. With SOCRadar’s early-warning system that detects attacks in the pre-exploit period, getting ahead of cyber attackers is now possible. Challenged by the understaffed teams, security leaders can effectively use SOCRadar as an extension to SOC teams.

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SOCRadar delivers an intelligent digital risk protection platform for organizations against sophisticated cyber attacks. Its portfolio of digital assets and perimeter monitoring platforms hardened with targeted cyber threat intelligence – all automated and supported by a global team of qualified intelligence analysts – provides unparalleled visibility, management, and protection of digital risks. Prioritized, up-to-date, and relevant cyber threat intelligence insights empower customers to take action starting from the reconnaissance stage of the Cyber Kill Chain. Our customers worldwide leverage our 15+ years of expertise and investment in scalable, innovative solutions to protect their most valuable assets – brand reputation, employees, customers, networks, and operational facilities.

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