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Platform for facilitating employees to report phishing attacks.

One-click reporter integrated with mailbox having incident analysis and ticketing capabilities.

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ProPATROL is a platform for facilitating employees to  report phishing attacks. With ProPHISH, it provides one-click reporter  integrated with mailbox  having incident analysis  and ticketing capabilities.

Salient Features
  1. One Click Reporter – Report suspicious  email by click of a  button
  2. Ticketing – Ticket id is generated  for each incident  reported
  3. Investigation – Email header, DMARC and IP  reputation analysis
  4. Dashboard – Comprehensive dashboard  covering all the details of the  reported email

Vendor Information


Founded in 2017, the cybersecurity startup ProgIST is a finalist of ‘National Startup Awards 2021’. PROGIST was also the winner of NASSCOM emerge 50 awards.

Since its inception, it has launched various innovative security solutions to tackle the growing threats and risks in cyberspace. Currently, it has around 60+ employees and serves 450+ global brands who feature in elite lists such as Fortune 500, World Top 100 Companies 2019, Global Banks 100 2019, Top Telecom Companies 2019, World Top 50 Pharma Companies etc.

Its products include ProDMARC, which is a Cloud-based SAAS product, that identifies and mitigates mail-based spoofing attacks on customers and third parties of trusted brands.

Its product ProDiscover is a cloud-based SAAS product that helps to identify and block cousin and look-alike domains that may impact organization and its partners.

Its other products include ProPhish which trains employees through real-world phishing simulation and security awareness, ProPatrol which facilitates end-users to report phishing attacks and spam mails that have bypassed all security controls.

It also offers ProLMS which is an enterprise-level LMS platform with the capability to conduct online tests and track and train.

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