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Arm your employees against phishing attacks

ProPHISH is a highly effective simulation based solution for training and identifying employees of your organization, who might be susceptible to targeted Phishing Attacks. platform to help identify and train employees who are susceptible to targeted phishing.

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ProPHISH is a highly effective simulation-based platform to help identify, train and then assess the employees who are susceptible to targeted phishing attacks. Hence, strengthening the weakest link in your organization

Salient Features
  1. Extensive Template Library – Diversified template library of ProPhish is loaded with ready to use templates of different complexity levels, for different industries
  2. Transparent Visibility – Dynamic dashboard and granular reports will help the administrator to understand the organization’s overall awareness level and to identify the segment of users require more focus on security awareness
  3. Granular Progress Tracking – Effectively track various phases of the campaign namely “Email Sent”, “Email Open”, “Phishing URL Clicked”, “Got Phished”, “Incident Reported” and “Awareness Taken”
  4. E-Learning and Challenges – Wide range of ready to use awareness modules including infographics, posters, videos and gamified quizzes which can be triggered to the employees on the go
  5. Effective Measurement of Awareness Level – User level and group level profiling allows the administrator to effectively measure the awareness level of the organization’s employees
  6. Easy Deployment – SaaS based service offering makes it extremely easy and quick to simulate a phishing awareness campaign for the employees
  7. Import Custom Templates – Bring your own template into the platform through a simple html editor interface and go beyond the pre-built templates
  8. Campaign Progress Alerting – Configure automatic campaign progress alerts to your mailbox and don’t worry about logging in daily to monitor the progress
  9. Integrate Your E-mail System – Integrate your email system to the platform and trigger emails directly from your system and avoid mail delivery issues
  10. Campaign Scheduler – Schedule your future campaign and trigger the e-mails anytime round the clock
  11. Controlled Data Capture – Mask/avoid sensitive information from being captured from the target users and avoid potential privacy concerns
  12. Single Sign-On – Enable Single Sign On (SSO) for your users by integrating your active directory through SAML

Vendor Information


Founded in 2017, the cybersecurity startup ProgIST is a finalist of ‘National Startup Awards 2021’. PROGIST was also the winner of NASSCOM emerge 50 awards.

Since its inception, it has launched various innovative security solutions to tackle the growing threats and risks in cyberspace. Currently, it has around 60+ employees and serves 450+ global brands who feature in elite lists such as Fortune 500, World Top 100 Companies 2019, Global Banks 100 2019, Top Telecom Companies 2019, World Top 50 Pharma Companies etc.

Its products include ProDMARC, which is a Cloud-based SAAS product, that identifies and mitigates mail-based spoofing attacks on customers and third parties of trusted brands.

Its product ProDiscover is a cloud-based SAAS product that helps to identify and block cousin and look-alike domains that may impact organization and its partners.

Its other products include ProPhish which trains employees through real-world phishing simulation and security awareness, ProPatrol which facilitates end-users to report phishing attacks and spam mails that have bypassed all security controls.

It also offers ProLMS which is an enterprise-level LMS platform with the capability to conduct online tests and track and train.

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