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Nucleon Endpoint Detection and Response

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Nucleon Detection & Response platform ensures the protection of workstations and servers by implementing successive layers of protection to protect you during all
of an attacks. Nucleon Detection & Response allows the identification of weak points on your infrastructures, blocks attacks and provides you with all the tools to

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Nucleon Detection & Response absorbs your internal uses, identifies your critical data, then automatically creates specific protection rules. These rules will protect
critical data against illegitimate access, leakage and blockage by ransomware.

ZeroTrust policies block attack techniques used by hackers. Sensitive administration scripts and tools are not allowed to block complex infection processes and “fileless”
. Network access is also restricted by policies to avoid abnormal access by software that is abused. For example, the Microsoft Office suite only has access to the servers
domains it needs to function by default. Many attack processes are based on malicious macros by abusing users, which is why Office Suite files are scanned before being opened.


  • Global coverage against cyber threats
  • Vulnerability management
  • Workstations and servers hardening
  • Protection against known and unknown Malware/Ransomware
  • Investigation tools
  • Removable devices control
  • Protection against malicious Word / Excel
  • Smart Scan
  • Protection against network attacks
  • Resources management
  • Cloud Storage Control (One drive, Box, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Remediation tools
  • Rollback of altered or compromised files
  • Remote actions (distant shell)


Key Benefits

  • Complete and simplified protection using ZeroTrust policies
  • Realtime visibility of system and network activities
  • A purified and light agent which does not affect the production and the daily life of the users
  • Centralized console
  • Easy deployment
  • Cloud or Onpremise deployment
  • Personal data compliance


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Vendor Information


Nucleon Security provides proactive and autonomous endpoint protection that prevents, detects, responds, and remediates any cyberattack. Nucleon Security’s platform leverages Artificial Intelligence to detect and eliminate unknown threats in real time and provides innovative Zero-Trust implementation to adapt the protections to business constraints.

Nucleon Security offers a cloud-based platform along with managed services to ensure to its clients a cost-effective and scalable cybersecurity.

Some figures about Nucleon Security:
+5000 malicious files detected daily by our Artificial Intelligence engine.
+100 Million events processed daily

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