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DARKBEAST provides incident responders, threat hunters, investigators, and intelligence analyst with a robust technology to dive into the cybercrime underground and investigate through KELA’s dark web data lake. Gain Visibility into the underground operations and stay ahead of attackers, all while maintaining anonymity and abiding by any security restrictions

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Leverage the power of KELA’s dark web security data lake and insights to research and analyze threats in real-time threat hunting and research product, providing access to our historical security data lake, which is being updated in real-time, directly from a massive amount of dark web sources.With DARKBEAST, our customers can safely browse the dark web without worrying about being detected or violating any security protocols.

Real Time Data Collection

DARKBEAST automatically and continuously collects information from hard-to-reach, dynamic sources in the cybercrime underground. Real-time information collection ensures that you are always investigating the most up-to-date data. All data is securely stored and made accessible for later reference.

  1. Dark Web Forums
  2. Illicit Marks
  3. Instant Messaging
  4. Paste Sites
  5. Ransomware Blog
  6. Compromised Database
In-depth Research Capabilities

DARKBEAST offers user-friendly search functionality with advanced features that empower you to easily research anything in the cybercrime underground. Uncovering the right data for your organization means you can quickly pivot to focus on specific threats, minimise the risk exposure of sensitive data, accelerate incident response and profile threat actors. The only limitation is your imagination.

  1. Hacking Discussions
  2. Instant Messaging
  3. Leaked Credentials
  4. Breached Servers
  5. Compromised Accounts
  6. Finished Intelligence
Unique Image Analysis Features

DARKBEAST collects text, images, and other metadata from the sources crawled, and uses a unique image analysis capability to allow users to extract critical intelligence from images. Images are instantly made searchable, ensuring that you will never miss threats hidden behind them.

Featured Queries and Subscriptions

DARKBEAST allows you to deepen your investigation with pre-defined queries on the latest ransomware attacks, Initial Access Brokers, common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) and other currently trending subjects. Continually be notified on these or any other topics that you want to keep up with, using pre-configured search queries and tailored alerts.

Access to Finished Intelligence

Finished Intelligence, available through DARKBEAST, ensures that users gain full access to ongoing research and insights developed by KELA’s Cyber Intelligence Center. Browse through DARKBEAST’s Finished Intelligence Feed to gain insights from KELA’s experts about recent ransomware events, network accesses, database leaks, and other cybercrime threats.

Complete Anonymity and Safety

DARKBEAST serves as an anonymous proxy so that you can search the dark web and other hidden sources without leaving a trace or attracting unwanted attention. Safely access and analyze information stored in the cybercrime underground without breaking any existing security policies.

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KELA takes away fear of unknown dark web digital threats all organizations face. Trusted worldwide, our combined solution of automated threat intelligence technology and deep staff expertise delivers actionable threat intelligence that is highly relevant to your organization. Mining the cybercrime underground, KELA’s solutions reduce your team’s workload while enabling proactive, targeted defense.

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