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Vulnerability Assessment by VP Techno Labs

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Vulnerability Assessment helps businesses to find and fix security flaws quickly in different assets like network infrastructure, Websites, Mobile Applications, Business APIs, Cloud Infrastructure, Home Automation Devices, etc. After Software Development lifecycle, it is recommend to conduct VAPT of that software product, because this will helps businesses to find loopholes in their code, application structure and databases earlier.

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Vulnerability Assessment is different from Penetration Testing. So it cannot be mixed with that. VAPT is cover up to Find and Fix vulnerabilities whereas Penetration Testing covers in-depth manual and automatic combined  security assessment of particular asset.

VAPT can be conducted at last stage of software development lifecycle , but sometimes it is necessary to conduct periodic VAPT as you release different versions of your business apps(Web, Mobile, APIs).

We’re using OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25 and Custom Made checklists according to the business application scope, market, industry and requirement. So Noise can be eliminated early. We made the process simple and effective. Moreover we will assist you into vulnerability remediation and patching mechanism. After Assessment and Patching we will re-test your business app against mitigated vulnerabilities, so this will ensure proper fixing.

Special Note:

The pricing is per bundled assets. I.E: Included VAPT of 1 Website, 1 Mobile App(Android/iOS) [If have], API [If Have]. If you have only website or only mobile app then the price may be less. Contact us before decide any purchase decision.

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VP Techno Labs® is a multi award winning cybersecurity firm and committed to fathom critical cybersecurity challenges that were emerging for a long time. The Issue we’re attempting to unravel is complicated cyber dangers that influence Commerce customer’s revenue, damage notoriety. We are going to ensure it by guarding them by covering in protection.

Our cybersecurity protection comes with exceptional benefits including Zero
False Positive SLAs, Uses Proprietary methodologies and Approach Triple Shield DeReEN™ to minimize damage done due to traditional penetration tests. And fortunately we can increase accuracy of penetration testing and we can directly perform security audits to business consumers’ production environment without affecting any of their consumers. That’s the competitive advantage to choose us.

To Know more about us, You can visit:

Advantages to choose us!

1. No false commitment

2. Quality Technical Support via multiple support options(Phone, Email, Business Hours, Support Portal)

3. Multiple Industry Covering & Expertise

4. Serve Globally Except some countries

5. Large network of Collaborators & Partner Companies

6. Competitive Pricing & Cost-Effective

7. Competitive Advantages like Zero False Positives & Proprietary Methodologies & Approach named Triple Shield DeReEN™ to increase accuracy, reduce extra noise.

8. Multiple Serving Options  (Pay As You Protected, Subscription, One-Time)

9. No Commitment (Switch to another vendor if you don’t like)

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