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Emsisoft Anti Malware

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  • Award-winning threat detection
  • High performance
  • Dual-engine technology
  • Advanced smart cleaning
  • Cloud Management


  1. Advance & Persistent Threat Prevention
  2. Antivirus and Anti-Malware
  3. EDR Capabilities
  4. Best Protection against Ransomware
  5. Anti-Ransomware
  6. Surf- & Banking-Protection
  7. Behavior Blocker
  8. Firewall
  9. Advance Malware Detection Techniques
  10. Free Ransomware decryption tools

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Forget viruses – Today’s threats come in new shapes and are called Malware

That’s why we think “Anti-Malware” is the more appropriate term, even if it’s the same as what’s commonly known as “Anti-Virus”.


Threat of the year since 2012. Attackers enter your PC through unpatched software and encrypt all your files. Can you afford to pay a $600 ransom to get your data back?


They turn your PC into a remote controlled zombie. Your computing power is collectively sold on the black market to send spams, attack others or store illegal content.

Banking Trojans

Hackers use phishing techniques and keyloggers to get your most valuable passwords and empty your bank- or PayPal-accounts invisibly within seconds.


Potentially Unwanted Programs that mess up your computer with useless browser toolbars, tons of commercials and other bulk that slows down the PC.

4 proven protection layers to block online threats on all levels

Surf Protection

If you unintentionally try to view a website that spreads trojans, spyware, or any other type of malicious software, Emsisoft Anti-Malware will prevent you from connecting and getting infected.

 Real-time File Guard

This real-time protection layer checks all downloaded and modified files with the awarded super-fast Emsisoft dual-engine scanner. The best: You won’t even notice it’s there for you 24/7.

 Behavior Blocker

To stop brand new threats that aren’t yet known by signatures, Emsisoft Anti-Malware continually monitors the behavior of all active programs and raises an alert as soon as something suspicious occurs.


Custom-built behavioral monitoring stops ransomware before it can encrypt any files.


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Emsisoft’s roots can be traced all the way to back to 1999 when our CEO Christian Mairoll kept receiving a nasty backdoor Trojan, “Back Orifice”, from so-called ‘friends’ via ICQ. As it forced the CD drive to repeatedly open and close, his curiosity sparked. How does this Trojan work? How do I get rid of it? It was then that the first line of Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s code was written.

By 2003 what had started out as a hobby project became an anti-malware company for the masses and has been growing its staff to 40 passionate individuals today. Our team of leading experts dedicates its time and effort to defending millions of customers from the never ending stream of online threats.

Today, Emsisoft is headquartered in New Zealand but maintains a global presence through local teams across all time zones. Malware doesn’t sleep, and nor do we.


Our software is designed to keep your computer malware-free and working as it should. Much like a nasty virus, over-complicated and over-engineered software will slow down your computer. Our protection software is feature-light and unobtrusive by design.

High Powered

Our cleaning scanner runs on a dual scan engine that combines two of the best virus scanning technologies in the industry. The result is high powered performance that is much faster and lighter than most single-engine products.

Innovative, Next-Gen

Emsisoft uses an innovative, holistic approach to prevent emerging threats before they are identified by traditional means. Monitoring the entire system as a whole is our specialty.


Every year more than one million people download our products and every year our products prevent over 20 million infections. Our software is trusted by millions of people, worldwide. According to analysts, Emsisoft already has a market share of more than 1% of the global anti-virus market.

Award Winning

Emsisoft receives the highest marks time and time again from AV-Comparatives, Virus Bulletin, MRG-Effitas, AVLab and many other independent authorities. Winning awards isn’t why we do what we do, but it does confirm that our lightweight software can still provide the most comprehensive protection.

Privacy Conscious For You

We are loyal to our customers. We don’t track your activities, we don’t share your data, and we don’t betray you for a quick profit by installing stuff that you don’t want. We simply offer efficient anti-malware, for your computer and you.


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