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BAARIGA automates Identity, Governance and Administration for your environment. Legacy applications, Main Frames and New Age Applications Included. BAARIGA combines the power of AI and automated workflows to deliver secure and sustainable Identity management solution.

BAARIGA helps organizations answer these questions:

1. Who should have access

2. Who has access

3. How is the user accessing the environment

4. How is the user using his access

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BAARIGA allows users to streamline and automate mundane, time-consuming user identity and security administrator tasks which not only allows customers to remain compliant, but also allows Security Administrators to save time – ultimately saving money.

BAARIGA helps with the following:

  1. User Administration and Access Management
  2. Automated Security Monitoring and Controls
  3. Advanced Access Governance
  4. User Access Review
  5. Segregation of Duties Analysis
  6. Single Sign On

BAARIGA has a unique architecture, built on AI powered drag and drop workflows. This ensures quick deployment as well as flexibility to suite your environment.

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BAAR Technologies Inc.

BAAR Combines the Power of AI and Automated Workflows to Deliver Secure and Sustainable Identity Management Solutions

To keep businesses moving, users have to access their data. BAAR ensures the right users have access to the right data on time. Controlling and monitoring access is a challenge, especially in large environments. Digital transformation and blended cloud and on-site environments further add to the complexity. BAAR will also monitor the controls.

BAAR is an automated Identity Governance and Administration platform which helps administer identities and implement related controls.

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