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Appknox Static Application Security Testing

Simplified Static Application Security Testing (SAST) for Mobile App Security

  1. Surface vulnerabilities before they turn into a threat
  2. Don’t let security become an unpredictable blocker when you go to market
  3. Integrate security as a regular part of your development cycle without shifting existing practices

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Truly Automated Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Make your mobile apps more secure with Appknox’s one-click static scans.

Key Features
  1. Dashboard to Get You Information at a Glance – Once inside Appknox, all your apps appear in a single dashboard. Take a quick glance to understand the level of vulnerabilities and scans that are done/pending.
  2. Various Test Cases to Bulletproof Your Applications – Appknox is configured with a plethora of test cases needed to pass legally regulated compliance tests. Easily check the status of the test case against the scans within the assessment report.
  3. Vulnerability Details, aka Deeper Insights for You – Our fully automated system scans your app for basic configuration issues. Once the report is generated, you get deeper insights into the vulnerabilities, how it impacts your business and their compliance with regulatory frameworks.
  4. Exportable Report to Help You Identify and Remediate – Our in-depth evaluation report is designed to give you a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and how to fix them. The report is password-protected for your security and contains a summary of our findings.
  5. One-stop Solution for Different Requirements – It doesn’t matter what stage of development you are at and when you choose to test for vulnerabilities. We’ve got you covered either way — simply upload any binary code, AAB, APK, IPA, and let us run the scans in record time.

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Founded in 2014 by Harshit Agarwal and Subho Halder, Appknox is a leading mobile security testing platform. HQ’d in Singapore and Bangalore, Appknox today is one of the most powerful plug-and-play security platforms which enables developers, security researchers, and enterprises to build safe and secure mobile ecosystems using a system plus human approach. With its VAPT solutions (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing), Appknox has provided end-to-end mobile application security and testing strategies to over 500 businesses & Enterprises globally. Appknox has also enabled some of the top government agencies with its On-Premise deployments. A champion of Value SaaS, Appknox has been recognized by Gartner as one of the recommended mobile app security vendors in its 2021 Application security Hype Cycle report.

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