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“The quickest access point to your digital self is now your mobile device.”

Mobile application security testing is the process of looking for bugs in the code and other aspects of the application. The overall evaluation process must include a stage called VAPT for mobile applications since it improves in-app security and lowers the chance of fraud, malware infection, data leakage, and other security problems. Organizations are hired to conduct mobile application security testing because cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated.

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The process of testing mobile applications involves analyzing them for the necessary levels of quality, functionality, compatibility, usability, and performance.. It is a Linux-based operating system that was primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices like tablets, and smartphones. Mobile devices are no longer just a means of wireless telephonic communication, rather mobile apps are a component of the wider mobile ecosystem, which includes servers, data centers, network infrastructure, and mobile devices. VAPT for mobile applications is a crucial step in the overall evaluation process as it aids in-app security and reduces risks from fraud, malware infection, data leakage, and other security vulnerabilities.


The technique of checking the code and application characteristics for flaws is known as mobile application security testing. Static analysis, code review, and penetration testing are all combined in this process. Numerous programmes are available for mobile devices to simplify user life. Due to the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, organizations are engaged to do mobile application security testing. The approaches are:

  1. Black Box – Black Box, often referred to as behavioral testing or external testing, is a form of software testing technique wherein no prior knowledge of the internal code structure, implementation specifics, or internal routes of an application is necessary. It focuses on the application’s input and output and is entirely dependent on the specifications and requirements for the software.
  2.  Gray Box – Gray box testing, which combines black box and white box testing, is a software testing approach used to test an application while only having a general understanding of its core code. It searches for and identifies context-specific errors that the application’s poor code structure has produced.
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  1. Scope of Work –  The scope of the mobile application involves identifying the security measures that were employed, testing goals, and sensitive information. In essence, this step entails complete client synchronization, during which the client and the examiner come to an agreement to defend from legal actions.
  2. Intelligence gathering -It is the process of acquiring information about threats to people, or organizations and using that information to defend them. In order to gain a general understanding of the application, this stage involves analyzing the application’s design and scope.
  3. Application to be mapped – The next phase is mapping the application, which involves manually and automatically scanning programmes to finish the previous stage. Maps can give testers a better knowledge of the programme under test, including entry points, data held, and other potentially serious flaws.
  4. Exploitation – It is the phase in which security testers get into an application by taking advantage of the flaws found in the earlier procedure. At this point, it is also necessary to identify real flaws and real strengths.
  5. Reporting – The primary output of the reporting and analysis phase as well as the entire assessment process is the final evaluation report. A crucial stage for the customer is when security testers provide findings on applications’ weaknesses that are found and explain the negative consequences of those weaknesses.

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Kratikal is a CERT-In Empanelled cyber security solutions provider. It is the trusted partner for enterprises and individuals, seeking to protect their brand, business and dignity from baffling cyber attacks. Kratikal has carved out a position in the cyber security space, earning the trust of some of the world’s most prestigious businesses, from various industries such as Fintech, Telecom, Healthcare, E-commerce, and others. Our trained security professionals assist in finding vulnerabilities, by applying worldwide compliances such as ISO 27001 and SOC2.

We have been involved in the design, and implementation of information security management systems since the time standards were adopted by the industry. We are experts in conducting a thorough examination of a company’s IT infrastructure and providing effective cyber security solutions.

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