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Guard Against Unauthorized Activities

Login AI protects against account takeovers and other unauthorized activities by screening and verifying key details about devices used when signing into an account

80% reduction of bot and automated login attempts

62% less friction for good customers

Login AI analyzes a broad array of factors including:

  1. Biometrics
  2. Login History
  3. IP Address
  4. Langauge, Operating System, & Type
  5. Email Address

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Login AI protects your customers’ accounts against account takeovers and other unauthorized activities, one of the fastest-growing risks to financial services companies and digital merchants.

  1. Real-time Risk Scores and Alerts For Every Login: Stop fraud before it can occur with a seamless applicant risk assessment that returns a fully explainable risk score through an API in milliseconds.
  2. Customizable Case Management Portal: Create and manage thousands of industry-specific risk rules and workflows.
  3. Actionable Analytics and Reporting Portal: Visualize fraud trends and monitor events in real-time with customizable charting tools
Key Benefits
  1. Deliver a frictionless customer experience – Quickly validate the 99+% of customers you trust so more good transactions sail through.
  2. Make implementation easy – Go live in less than 30 days.
  3. Scale with your team – Empower up to 100 team members to access the case management & analytics portals.

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Vendor Information

Description provides modern fraud management infrastructure built specifically for businesses. The award-winning, cloud-based platform helps organizations of all sizes harness AI-driven, risk intelligence to detect fraud, streamline case management, and leverage real-time, actionable insights to make them safer, smarter, and more profitable.’s comprehensive, enterprise-grade capabilities are powered by deep learning, collective intelligence, rules-based decision engines, and streaming analytics.’s straightforward, modularized interface and deep integration with more than a dozen leading data and fraud management vendors provides users with unparalleled flexibility, customization, and ease of use.

Through a single point of command, helps customers unify and analyze billions of data points from disparate systems and sources, and track digital identities and behaviors. Our solution allows customers to deploy the latest tools and techniques so they can combat different types of fraud while allowing good transactions to sail through. Additionally, its transparent presentation of the data, statistics, and contextual variables helps simultaneously optimize business processes and reduce risk.

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