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Kount Command delivers accurate identity trust decisions in milliseconds. Automatically approve, decline, or hold transactions and customize business policies to refine fraud prevention strategies. Advanced AI and machine learning models detect emerging fraud and uncover anomalies without adding friction to the customer experience. Merchants can stop losing money to fraud and accept more good orders.

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Kount Command: The leading AI-driven digital fraud prevention solution that delivers accurate identity trust decisions in milliseconds.

Top Benefits of Kount Command

Automating decisions reduces false declines

25% of consumers would not return to an e-commerce site if it turned away their transaction.

But Kount customers can use a digital fraud prevention solution to automate transaction decisions based on identity trust levels and business policies.

Kount’s AI delivers the most accurate evaluation of risk and trust in real time. Never mistake good customers for bad actors again.

Accurate decisions increase revenue

E-commerce fraud will cost businesses $20 billion by 2021.

Kount Command’s advanced AI uses two types of machine learning to block or challenge known fraud attacks and suspicious activity.

In the end, good customers get frictionless, personalized experiences. And businesses can accept more good orders and stop fraud losses.

Stop losing money to fraud

Fraud costs add up fast. So stopping malicious or suspicious activity is critical to business success.

A global fraud survey found that businesses manually review up to 8% of orders. But businesses that automate decisions can reduce — or eliminate — manual reviews.

Kount Command customers can drive operational efficiency and put more time, resources, and personnel into true business growth.

How Kount’s digital fraud prevention solution works

Let’s say a potential customer wants to complete a transaction on an e-commerce site or mobile app. Kount Command uses advanced AI that’s equipped with supervised and unsupervised machine learning to analyze data from the interaction.

Then Kount compares that data to billions of other interactions in the Identity Trust Global Network™ in real time. This analysis establishes the potential customer’s and the interaction’s level of identity trust. In an instant, businesses can approve high-trust interactions, decline low-trust interactions, or review anything in between.

Customize policies from the fraud control platform

Fine-tune fraud prevention strategies, investigate customer activity, and monitor performance from one place. Customize Kount Command with rules and policies that meet your unique business needs. Set risk thresholds to address emerging attack methods and new use cases.

Access reports and analytics from Datamart

Access Datamart analytics from within Kount Command. Analyze thousands of data points collected from payment transactions and customer interactions. In-depth data analysis can inform future fraud policies and improve marketing campaigns across channels. Plus, it can uncover new use cases, expand sales channels, and provide business performance insights.

Get started with one-on-one training and onboarding

Kount’s Customer Success Managers help new users customize Command through the Agent Web Console (AWC). They also provide thought leadership and policy configuration based on each customer’s vertical and desired use cases. Kount customers can access a library of pre-recorded training modules or reach out to Customer Success seven days a week by phone, email, or in-product support.


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About Kount, an Equifax Company

E-commerce businesses, acquiring banks, and payment service providers use Kount’s solutions to Identify good customers, Assess known and emerging risks, Engage with users, Grow revenue opportunities, and more.

In 2006, the idea for Kount was created on the back of a sushi napkin. Innovation has led the way ever since. Today, Kount is the leader in digital fraud prevention, holding over 30 patents with more pending. Kount’s solutions serve over 9,000 brands globally and have over a decade of data informing their advanced AI and machine learning models.

Kount and Equifax joined forces in 2021 to transform digital enablement and consumer insights. Their digital fraud solutions combine physical and digital identifier data to build comprehensive customer personas. Kount and Equifax are leveling the playing field and giving more businesses access to data that can help them reach the right customers at the right time.

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