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Galaxkey – Enterprise Cloud Plus

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Galaxkey is a platform that helps you and your organisation to securely store and securely share any kind of data with end-to-end encryption based on authorised identity access.

Key Features:

  1. Email Encryption
  2. Electronic Document Signing
  3. Secure File Transfer
  4. Secure Workspace

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Galaxkey encryption is 3 layered. Any kind and any size of unstructured data is not only protected but end to end encrypted which leaves no scope for the following:

  1. Man in the Middle Attach
  2. Organizations misusing user’s data
  3. Users misusing organization’s data

Galaxkey encrypts the data specific to user identity and no one except that identity can access that data shall the user not permit it. On top of the encryption, it is further protected with user’s password which is not stored anywhere but only is in the user’s head.

Galaxkey as a platform helps you and your organisation to securely store and securely share (with authorised identities), any kind of data with end to end encryption, based on authorised identity access.

The ease of usability coupled with world class encryption are the USPs of this platform.

It is not just a solution or a product but a strong platform that helps to keep data secure, no matter where in the world it is.

Vendor Information


Galaxkey is a global leader in Cloud, Email and content Security solutions. Galaxkey secures emails and documents through the Galaxkey Platform, keeping the users information private and secure from unauthorised viewers. The Galaxkey solution provides the perfect architecture for both corporates and individuals alike, to secure their data for emails and documents.

Why use Galaxkey to secure your communication with collaboration?
  1. Unique, deep level encryption keys. You have complete control over your own keys. No-one else can access them.
  2. User-friendly software. We make everything simple for you and your clients. Easy to use, and highly secure.
  3. Customer service we’re proud of. We’re here to support you. Our services are flexible & adaptable to meet your unique needs.
  4. Quick response times. Organisations around the world trust us to respond quickly. We’re based in the UK, with offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
  5. Competitive pricing. Our low-cost licences are great value for money and regularly save our customers a ton of money.
  6. Email & file encryption, secure file sharing and digital document signing. We’ve got it all covered. You’re in safe hands
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