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FourCore ATTACK – Breach and Attack Simulation

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Get a true security validation with the FourCore ATTACK Breach and Attack Simulation Platform. We know that security controls are vast and complex, and there are always misconfigurations and gaps.

Launch cyber-attack simulations and fix the security gaps in your infrastructure to ensure that you’re closing the loopholes that create vulnerabilities and in-roads for attackers.—onboard your critical assets within minutes onto our Cloud platform.

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FourCore ATTACK is a Breach and Attack Simulation platform to perform cyber-attack simulations on your infrastructure.

ATTACK is available as both a SaaS or on-prem solution. You can onboard your critical assets on our platform within minutes and evaluate your security controls.

ATTACK is a part of the red-teamers toolkit to simulate a wide range of attacks against many systems.

  • Launch safe attack simulations on endpoints such as ransomware simulations, over 100+ techniques of the MITRE ATT&CK matrix and a lot more.
  • Evaluate your firewalls ability to prevent malicious C&C traffic from flowing through the enterprise network with C&C-based simulations on FourCore ATTACK.
  • Carry out Phishing Campaigns against your organization and identify the gaps in your security controls to prevent malicious payloads in emails (Word, Excel, PDF and more).

FourCore ATTACK is a platform to maintain and monitor your security posture over time with continuous and automated attack simulations. Invest your time improving your security controls, let FourCore ATTACK handle the validation.

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FourCore is a security startup from New Delhi, India. Organizations invest in many complex security solutions to protect themselves. Our philosophy is to build products that simplify the job of security teams and complement existing solutions. We are building FourCore ATTACK, a breach and attack simulation platform that helps organizations take an offensive approach to security validation. Get a true security validation with FourCore ATTACK.
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