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Create a frictionless user experience

Device AI scores, measures and deliver real-time insights on your website’s traffic so you can take action to keep your organization safe while letting legitimate customers speed through.

  1. 54% decrease in site’s malicious bot and fraudulent transaction activity
  2. 22% increase in customer trust, brand safety & sales
  3. 62% less customer friction

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Device AI scores, measures and reports real-time insights on your traffic and transactions so you can take action to keep your organization safe and ensure your user experience is friction-free.

  1. Connect and contextualize unique customer events: Deepen your understanding of your customers’ behavior by getting a comprehensive view of their interactions at every touchpoint.
  2. Real-time Alerts and Risk Scores For Every Customer: Stop fraud before it can occur with event-driven risk scores delivered through an API, as well as alerts for unrecognized devices and key changes in PII or payment data.
  3. Customizable Case Management Platform: Create and manage thousands of risk rules and workflows—including data from login, device, transaction and account changes—to flag anomalous customer behavior and make smarter decisions when evaluating an event.
  4. Actionable Analytics and Reporting Portal: Visualize fraud trends and monitor events in real-time with customizable charting tools.

Device AI reduces customer friction. For each device we use an SDK to capture, screen and verify

  1. Location
  2. Langauge
  3. Device Fingerprint
  4. Proxies & Tors
  5. Bots & Scripts
Keep close tabs on your website traffic
  1. Deter bots and other suspicious user activity
  2. Identify who is visiting your website
  3. Track & trend suspicious activities & user behaviour
Unlock digital trust, unleash digital growth
  1. Get your website certified – Display the Device AI network seal to increase your security, trust and conversions.
  2. Make implementation easy – Go live in a day!
  3. Scale with your team – Empower up to 100 team members to access the case management & analytics portals.

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Description provides modern fraud management infrastructure built specifically for businesses. The award-winning, cloud-based platform helps organizations of all sizes harness AI-driven, risk intelligence to detect fraud, streamline case management, and leverage real-time, actionable insights to make them safer, smarter, and more profitable.’s comprehensive, enterprise-grade capabilities are powered by deep learning, collective intelligence, rules-based decision engines, and streaming analytics.’s straightforward, modularized interface and deep integration with more than a dozen leading data and fraud management vendors provides users with unparalleled flexibility, customization, and ease of use.

Through a single point of command, helps customers unify and analyze billions of data points from disparate systems and sources, and track digital identities and behaviors. Our solution allows customers to deploy the latest tools and techniques so they can combat different types of fraud while allowing good transactions to sail through. Additionally, its transparent presentation of the data, statistics, and contextual variables helps simultaneously optimize business processes and reduce risk.

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