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Deterministic Protection Platform by Virsec

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Virsec’s mission is to make security response obsolete and its Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP) that eradicates threats at the software workload is the only way to achieve this.

Deterministic protection maps exactly what your software is supposed to do and stops it from doing what it is not. A deterministic protection platform (DPP) ensures better protection against all known and unknown threats to software workloads deployed in production and reduces threat actor dwell time from minutes to milliseconds with true protection and runtime observability.

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No matter the application type, environment, or type of attack, DPP by Virsec can protect your software while it is running, wherever it is running.

Why Virsec
  1. Protects Software Workloads at Runtime – Automatically protects vulnerable workloads, application components, filesystems, processes, and memory at runtime, wherever they run.
  2. Adversary Dwell Time is Non-Existent – Stop an attacker’s actions within milliseconds and is also undetectable by the attacker.
  3. Stops Attacks without Prior Knowledge – Patched or unpatched, known or unknown, Virsec DPP uniquely detects attacks that bypass probabilistic solutions that require signatures and tuning.
  4. Secures Wide Range of Apps & Environments – Custom, modern, legacy, COTs, GOTs, air-gapped, hybrid, cloud, container.
  5. Does No Harm & Allows Full Performance – Read-only approach to software workload mapping does no harm to your applications and can provide full protection without impacting performance.
  6. Automates & Simplifies Security – Enables true runtime protection at the software workload, while delivering operational savings and continual compliance.

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Virsec protects the world’s most important applications and systems from the inside, stopping advanced cyberattacks on any application workload in any environment.

Who we are?

Virsec is led by experts from various disciplines, including network security, semiconductors, embedded systems, and real-time memory systems. We are dedicated practitioners, passionate about what we do and driven by the impact that this technology has in making the world a safer and better place.

Our Technology Partners

Virsec partners with leading technology vendors to provide a robust partner ecosystem that delivers unparalleled protection for every enterprise within it.

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