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Sold by: Data Resolve Technologies Categories: , is a SaaS based Employee monitoring software product which collects and analyzes the data and provides insights to help organizations be more productive and compliant. is an Easy & quick set up experience. In other words, it’s Plug and Plays literally live in minutes with 4 simple steps:

  1. Invite team members
  2. Install DeskSight agent
  3. Assign work definition
  4. Start monitoring

The product has a very simple UI and does not require any major intervention from organization’s IT team.


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DeskSight.AI is a one-stop solution for measuring and enhancing the productivity of the organization. DeskSight.AI is the need of the hour for all the organizations for tracking employee productivity & streamlining operational efficiency while they work from home office. Its ultimate goal is to provide the insight businesses need to drive performance through employee observation & behavioral analytics.

Employee Monitoring

With DeskSight.AI, you can have complete visibility on productive working hours of all the teams across the organization

Productivity Software

Get insights on employee operational workflows, and help you plan how to design your teams for desired outcomes.

Workplace Management

Get details of 5 top and bottom performers (of the team/organization) based on monitoring data with custom alerts.

Key Features
  1. Auto time tracking – Track active and idle time of users all across the organization
  2. Remote attendance – Track Daily Login and Logout time of ever user
  3. Productivity inspection – Differentiate between productive and unproductive activities
  4. App title tracking – Track the content of the web page or application
  5. Web and App usage tracking – Track Applications and Websites where users are spending their time
  6. Multiple work schedules – Define multiple works schedules for different users

Vendor Information


Dataresolve offers a mechanism through which customers can detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities pertaining to data loss and data theft. We provide a proactive approach to the organizations by facilitating the following:

  1. User Behavioral Analysis, commonly known as UBA
  2. Centralized Management Console for efficient management
  3. Real Time-Based Incident Reporting via SMS Alerts
  4. Email Based Daily Reports
  5. Analytics via Cyber Intelligence Report highlighting the key sensitive data leakage scenarios with proof

Team Data Resolve advices to get an overall risk assessment index for your organization along with recommendations on improvisation of policies to minimize the risks detected through the report.`

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