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Cloud Security Assessments

A technical security assessment for cloud-deployed applications to assess for bad exposures, vulnerabilities, and deviations from the best practices. Cloud security assessments checks for vulnerabilities emerging from unintended network accessibility, misconfigurations, user accounts, and their permissions, access management, and so on.

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Our cloud-based security services help to protect the business-critical applications that enterprises rely on every day. Not being able to handle your data and storing your data in someone else’s storage area surely gives us a feeling of insecurity on whether your data is safe in the cloud.
Also with the increasing data breaches and technological attacks, it’s important to ensure security especially when cloud structure is still a mystery and needs a lot of investigation from the security point of view.





Establish a Strong Cloud Security Foundation: Update security strategy, including IAM, cloud-native tools and security, applications, and architecture. Find areas to improve upon and make recommendations. Carve out a cloud security strategy that complies with regional and organizational compliance requirements. Prioritize projects in terms of cost, effort, and risk.

Oversee Cloud Security Risks:  Identify compliance requirements, drive workshops to understand the status quo. Conduct risk assessment using CSA, CIS, and cloud-native security checklists such as AWS. Evaluate remediation options across engineering, architecture, and technology, IAM, security testing, development (CI/CD), and operations (DevOps). Evaluate cloud assets including, compute, storage, databases, networks, containers, boundaries, security technologies, and serverless computing. Provide recommendations and implement remediations.

DevSecOps: Architecture design, cloud-native and non-native technologies, and configuration. IAM configurations, roles, users, secrets, and key management. Enterprise directory, IAM integration, DevSecOps automation. Integration of continuous security testing, continuous compliance, protection, and monitoring tools. Security in Infrastructure as Code (IaC – terraform) and configuration management scripts (Chef, Puppet, Ansible). Bespoke integration with applications and systems using API.

Protect Data and Privacy: Establish a business-aligned data protection framework for cloud and SaaS-based storage. Define data protection processes and guidelines. Define technology selection and implementation roadmap for securing buckets and blobs, cloud SQL and NoSQL DB, & long-term storage. Secure access using both cloud-native IAM and enterprise integrated IAM/PAM, SSO, MFA, encryption, and anonymization. Promote awareness of data protection, identify owners, and custodians. Monitor, manage & enhance data protection technologies through cloud-native and non-native security technologies, including Cloud DLP & native access logs.



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Intect is top penetration testing and security assessment firm with a focus on web, mobile apps, network, and cloud testing. As a security partner, we identify and demonstrate the risk and the vulnerabilities which put clients at risk.

Our mission is to help our clients to secure their digital assets. We operate across India and in several other countries for clients who require our specialised skill sets.

Our team includes active security researchers, ethical hackers, bug bounty players & tool developers who are highly credentialed in their field. We work hard to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity industry and that is shown through our research and training.

Our penetration testing assessments are not just for a tick in the checkbox on the list of security requirements. The detailed reports we provide enable you to substantiate the security of your applications and networks to your stake-holders. Intect provides the technical expertise and guidance to find the gaps in your security.

Our consultants have expertise across a range of industries, including BFSI, e-Commerce, telecom, technology, enterprise suites, manufacturing, education and public sector.

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