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Cloud Penetration Testing

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Protect your Cloud Environment with our best security solutions.

As the demands of business innovation outstrip the capabilities of on-premises infrastructure, companies are turning to cloud solutions. Migrating to the cloud, on the other hand, brings with it new cybersecurity challenges. As you migrate to hybrid cloud systems, you must maintain visibility, control, and security. To keep ahead of new threats, you require effective cloud configuration at each important stage of your cloud transformation journey.

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The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the cyber security posture of your Cloud-based Environment using simulated attacks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your Cloud based Environment. Our penetration testing methodology prioritizes the most vulnerable areas of your cloud Application and recommends actionable solutions.

The results of this cloud Security Testing will be used by the organization, to enhance the

security feature of the organization.  The principal examples include Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others. A concept of shared accountability is necessary for cloud penetration testing.




Examining attack, breach, operability, and recovery issues inside a cloud environment are the goal of cloud penetration testing. Our Cloud Testing Methodology is based upon Best Practices and uses both automated cloud security testing tools and manual techniques to identify security vulnerabilities that may threaten the security integrity of your cloud platform such as configuration flaws, excess builds, etc.

 There are various kinds of cloud penetration testing, such as:

  1. Black Box Penetration Testing— Attack simulating a situation where the cloud penetration testers are unfamiliar with your cloud systems and do not have access to them.

  2. Gray Box Penetration Testing – Cloud penetration testers may be given some restricted administrative rights and have some limited user and system expertise.

  3. White Box Penetration Testing – Access to cloud systems at the admin or root level is granted to cloud penetration testers.

Security Testing Approach 

  1. Understand the Policies – Each cloud service provider has a pentesting policy that outlines the services and testing methods that are allowed and not allowed. To begin, we must confirm which cloud services are utilized in the customer’s environment and which services can be put to the test by cloud pentesters.

  2. Plan for Cloud Penetration – 

  1. In order to establish the start and finish dates of the pentest, our first priority is to get in touch with the customer.

  2. Pentesters require time to understand the system after receiving the information, so they can examine it – look into its source code, software versions, potential access points to see if any keys have been released.

  3. Select Cloud Penetration Tools – Tools for cloud pentesting should resemble a real attack. Numerous hackers employ automated techniques to identify security holes, such as constantly attempting to guess passwords or searching for APIs that give them direct access to the data.
  4. Response Analysis –  Cloud pentesting would be useless without assessing the results and answers. We must assess the results after using the automated tools and running manual testing. Documentation of each response is required. One of the steps involves the use of our knowledge and experience with the cloud.
  5. Eliminate the Vulnerabilities – The cloud pentesting methodology ends with this stage. The severity and effect of vulnerabilities should be reviewed and looked into with the cloud pentesting team once all cloud tests and inspections have been completed. A final report on cloud vulnerabilities should be created with suggestions and fixes.


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Kratikal is a CERT-In Empanelled cyber security solutions provider. It is the trusted partner for enterprises and individuals, seeking to protect their brand, business and dignity from baffling cyber attacks. Kratikal has carved out a position in the cyber security space, earning the trust of some of the world’s most prestigious businesses, from various industries such as Fintech, Telecom, Healthcare, E-commerce, and others. Our trained security professionals assist in finding vulnerabilities, by applying worldwide compliances such as ISO 27001 and SOC2.

We have been involved in the design, and implementation of information security management systems since the time standards were adopted by the industry. We are experts in conducting a thorough examination of a company’s IT infrastructure and providing effective cyber security solutions.

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