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Take a Comprehensive Approach to Fraud and Risk Management

Account AI combines your customer data with billions of insights from unique data sources available only to users to help you make more accurate risk decisions – while saving time and money.

  1. 53% reduction in the number of fraud case investigations
  2. 4x more fraud proactively detected
  3. 62% less friction for good customers


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Account AI provides comprehensive risk analysis across the entire customer lifecycle of an account.

  1. Collective Intelligence Network Insights: Compare applicant details to the billions of data points captured by our global anti-fraud network so you can detect fraud even if you have never encountered the customer before.
  2. Marketplace Data Solutions: Access dozens of third-party APIs in seconds while avoiding the technical hassles and maintenance costs of managing multiple data vendors and technology partners. Our solutions include KYC, AML, device and behavioral solutions as well as IP address, physical address, email, and payment detail validation.
  3. Dynamic Device Fingerprinting: Capture the device ID used for the application to detect bots, proxies, and other fraudulent activity as well as assess user behavior and other contextual information to create a unique digital fingerprint.
Risk Assessment Throughout the Customer Journey

Account AI tracks any interaction a customer may have with your company, including:

  1. Loggin in
  2. Submitting an application
  3. Transactions
  4. Account detail changes
  5. Travel alerts and other proactive images
  6. Maintaining trusted devices and addresses

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Description provides modern fraud management infrastructure built specifically for businesses. The award-winning, cloud-based platform helps organizations of all sizes harness AI-driven, risk intelligence to detect fraud, streamline case management, and leverage real-time, actionable insights to make them safer, smarter, and more profitable.’s comprehensive, enterprise-grade capabilities are powered by deep learning, collective intelligence, rules-based decision engines, and streaming analytics.’s straightforward, modularized interface and deep integration with more than a dozen leading data and fraud management vendors provides users with unparalleled flexibility, customization, and ease of use.

Through a single point of command, helps customers unify and analyze billions of data points from disparate systems and sources, and track digital identities and behaviors. Our solution allows customers to deploy the latest tools and techniques so they can combat different types of fraud while allowing good transactions to sail through. Additionally, its transparent presentation of the data, statistics, and contextual variables helps simultaneously optimize business processes and reduce risk.

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